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Dumpster Rentals

We provide roll-off trash trailers, trash compactors, Enclosed Roll Off Dumpsters for your Oil Field Site, Commercial Location, Construction or New Residential or Commercial Building site.
Open Top Roll Off Trash Dumpsters

We offer 25, 30, 35, and 40 yard roll-off dumpsters. Our team can help you find the right size for your project.

Open Top Roll Off Dumpsters
Roll Off Trash Compactors

On average, these Roll Off trash compactors can last 45 to 60+ days before needing dumped.

Roll Off Dumpsters
Enclosed Roll Off Dumpsters

They are more economical to rent compared to Oilfield Trash Trailers because you can load so much more in them and dump less often.

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Our History of Excellence

Elliott Rental & Equipment started out renting oilfield trash trailers in the surrounding Ardmore area. Not satisfied with the cost efficiency of the oilfield trash trailers, we wanted to find a better way to handle oilfield trash. We started renting Roll Off dumpsters and found that his customers could save a considerable amount of money compared to the trash trailers.
At this time Elliott Rental & Equipment started renting Roll Off dumpsters to other markets, including commercial, manufacturing, housing and residential.
Open Top Roll Off
Once again, we wanted to devise a better way to handle the trash on the location. We worked with a manufacturer to custom build a Roll-Off trash compactor that could easily be picked up, dumped and returned. Once again, he devised a better, more cost efficient way to handle the oilfield trash. These compacting Roll Off Dumpsters can last 45 to 60+ days (record was 81 days and record weight was 10 ½ tons) on a location before having to be dumped, thus saving our customers all of the dumping fees associated with renting Trash Trailers. Bob also designed an enclosed 40 yd. Roll Off dumpster for single hole locations.
In December of 2009, Elliott Rental & Equipment expanded into the hydraulic repair business dba, Elliott Hydraulics. Elliott Hydraulics offers hydraulic cylinder, pump and motor repairs as well as hydraulic and industrial hose assemblies. Although this is a relatively new business for Elliott Rental and Equipment, we are staffed with employees who have years of experience in this area.

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