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Discover a cleaner, easier solution to waste management with Elliott Hydraulics, your premier provider of compact dumpster rentals in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We offer an efficient and convenient way to handle all types of waste, whether you’re a homeowner tackling a remodel, a business undergoing renovations, or a contractor working on a big construction project.

Our compact dumpsters, specially designed to fit into tight spaces, are robust, easy to load, and quick to haul away. Crafted with advanced hydraulic technology, they make waste disposal a breeze, significantly reducing the effort and time involved. Let Elliott Hydraulics take the stress out of your waste management process, giving you more time to focus on what really matters. 

Our company was born out of necessity. After seeing how expensive it was to deal with the trash in the oilfield, Bob Elliott decided it was time for a more cost-friendly model. First, he started selling roll off dumpster rentals. But it wasn’t long before he saw another way for the companies in the oilfields to save money – with compacting dumpsters.

Bob worked with a manufacturer to create a compacting dumpster that was ideal for the job site. With the goal of making trash disposal at the worksite more affordable, Bob kept efficiency in mind. Today, Elliott Rental & Equipment continues to sell compacting dumpsters to companies in the oilfields with a wide range of dumpster and dumpster services. However, the business also sells to a variety of other industries.

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Benefits of Renting
Compacting Dumpsters

Whether you currently use a compacting dumpster rental in Oklahoma or you’re just entertaining the idea, there are a few things you should know. Compacting dumpsters are a solution to trash issues in a variety of industries. While some of those industries have obvious applications, others aren’t as apparent.

In any industry, the benefits are similar. First, there’s the ability to store your trash more neatly. When you compact your garbage before storing it, you don’t need to worry about trash flying off into the environment. For commercial buildings, this is a huge advantage. You don’t need to deal with papers and other debris flying around your property.
One of the main advantages to a compactor is the reduced cost. If you need to empty your dumpster frequently, the costs of returning, emptying, and replacing your dumpster add up. Although the cost of a compacting dumpster is more up front, it’s lower in the long run. Repeated trips to the landfill come at a high expense and inconvenience.

The compactor is able to significantly minimize the size and volume of your garbage. In fact, you might be shocked to see how much more garbage you can store when you use a compactor. An unexpected cost reduction could also come in the form of less manpower and the lack of garbage bags. Whatever industry you might be in, there’s savings in using a compacting dumpster.
Waste management is often highly inefficient. For one, you need to check trash bins and dumpsters for fullness. If you don’t currently have a roll off dumpster, the task can take time out of every day. If the garbage is full, an employee needs to dump it and replace the trash bag.

If your employees are able to spend less time on trash duty, they can spend more time on things that matter. A compacting dumpster maximizes efficiency, which helps your profit margins.
Although this benefit is apparent, it’s worth mentioning. Compacted dumpsters compress waste together into small bales. Generally, compacted trash uses 1/10 the space of regular trash. When you reduce the size of your trash, you also reduce the storage space you need.

Instead of requiring a large, space-consuming dumpster, you could use a smaller compacting one. If you’re short on space, this might be the best way to deal with your garbage.
In the oilfield, the aesthetics of a dumpster might not matter. But commercial businesses need to consider the aesthetics of their garbage cans or dumpsters. If you use a traditional waste management system, you might have multiple ones scattered about. Those bins can overflow and look messy. Even though each bin is small, it could attract attention and take away from your decor.

Meanwhile, a trash compactor takes away the possibility of overflow. It can also look better than having multiple small dumpsters or bins.
Here at Elliott Rental & Equipment, our compactors are easy to use. You don’t need a special certification or extensive training to run the compactor. It’s also low maintenance, which further simplifies the process.

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What is a Compacting Dumpster?

A compacting dumpster is a specialized waste management solution designed to effectively reduce the volume of waste materials. Our dumpsters are equipped with built-in compacting systems that apply force to compress the waste, thereby increasing the dumpster’s capacity.

You dispose of a larger amount of waste without quickly filling up the dumpster, which can be particularly beneficial for businesses or projects that generate substantial amounts of waste. Our compacting dumpsters come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. They are an ideal solution for businesses like restaurants, grocery stores, and apartment complexes that generate a significant amount of waste regularly.

Dumpster Compacting for Every Job

Whether you’re working on a construction site, need waste management for your business, or simply doing a cleanout, our compacting dumpster rentals can make your job much easier. At Elliotts Hydraulics, we offer compacting dumpster rentals for a wide range of applications.

  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Disaster Relief & Cleanup
  • Demolition
  • Landscaping
  • Event Management
  • Recycling Centers
  • Renovation & Remodels
  • Roofing
  • Real Estate Cleanouts
  • Government Services

Enjoy Stress-Free Compact Dumpster Rental for Your Business

Tired of the usual stress and complications that come with waste disposal? We make compact dumpster rental hassle-free. Elliott Hydraulics simplifies your waste management process, providing you with user-friendly solutions that are as reliable as they are efficient. Our compact dumpsters are perfectly suited for all waste types, giving you a practical way to manage your disposal needs.

Every aspect of our service is designed with your convenience in mind. From quick delivery and pickup to our excellent customer service, we ensure that renting a dumpster is as simple as it can be. We pride ourselves on our punctuality and professionalism, ensuring you’re never left waiting. Leave the worry behind and trust the experts.

What are the Benefits of a Compacting Dumpster?

Renting a compact dumpster revolutionizes how you manage waste, bringing a wealth of benefits for businesses, construction projects, or large residential properties. These high-capacity, technologically-advanced solutions offer significant advantages over traditional waste disposal methods, effectively transforming your waste management strategy. 

Here’s why compacting dumpsters could be the smart choice for you:

  • Efficiency:

The built-in compacting system significantly increases the dumpster’s capacity, allowing for more waste storage and less frequent pickups.

  • Compliance:

Many businesses are required to follow specific waste management regulations. A compact dumpster can make it easier to comply with these rules.

  • Space-Saving:

Despite their larger capacity, compacting dumpsters are compact in design, taking up less space than multiple traditional dumpsters.

  • Convenience:

With their increased capacity, compacting dumpsters require less monitoring and maintenance, freeing up time for you to focus on other aspects of your business or project.

  • Environmentally Friendly:

Less frequent pickups mean reduced CO2 emissions, making compacting dumpsters a more eco-friendly option.

  • Odor and Pest Control:

Compacting dumpsters are completely sealed, which can help control odors and keep pests away.

  • Cost Savings:

By reducing the frequency of pickups, you can save on the overall waste disposal costs.

Rent a Compacting Dumpster From Elliott Hydraulics

If you need a compacting dumpster rental for your upcoming project, rent a dumpster from Elliott Hydraulics. We offer convenient and flexible dumpster rental services in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

Frequently Asked Questions About Compacting Dumpsters in Oklahoma?

Most general waste materials are acceptable, including common household or business waste. However, hazardous materials, certain electronics, tires, and specific types of appliances are usually not allowed. Check with your local regulations or your dumpster rental company to confirm.

This will depend on your specific needs and the agreement with your rental company. Some businesses require weekly pickups, while others may need less frequent service. The benefit of a compacting dumpster is that it can hold more waste, meaning less frequent pickups.

Usually, if the dumpster is placed on private property, a permit is not required. However, if the dumpster will be in a public right-of-way, you may need a permit. It’s best to check with your local city or county offices.

Compacting dumpsters come in various sizes to suit different needs. Common sizes include 2, 4, 6, and 8 cubic yards. Your rental company can help you choose the right size based on your waste generation rate.

A compacting dumpster reduces the volume of waste, allowing more to be stored before pickup is required. This means fewer pickups, which can significantly cut down on waste disposal costs over time.

Yes. By reducing the frequency of waste pickups, compacting dumpsters can decrease CO2 emissions related to waste transportation. Plus, they can encourage more efficient waste management, helping businesses to be more eco-friendly.