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Hydraulic Services in Ardmore, Oklahoma

Elliott Hydraulics offers an extensive range of hydraulic services tailored to your unique needs. The efficiency of your hydraulic systems is critical to your operations. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals provides high-end hydraulic repairs, ensuring your equipment runs at peak performance and reduces downtime. Elliott Hydraulics offers an extensive range of hydraulic services tailored to your unique needs. We sell hydraulic parts and repair hydraulic equipment to in Ardmore and surrounding areas. 

We are your go-to resource for hydraulic parts and repair, including pumps, cylinders, motors, and hoses. You benefit from superior quality products and reliable and customer-focused service by choosing Elliott Hydraulics. 

For years, we’ve been involved in the oilfield and agricultural sector. Our company has a passion for what we do, and we make sure our employees share that excitement. They’re eager to help you with your hydraulic needs. Let us help you keep your hydraulic systems operating smoothly. Experience the difference productivity and efficiency can make for your operation.

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Hydraulic Services We Offer in the Ardmore Area

Elliott Hydraulics offers a broad spectrum of hydraulic services for agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications.

Hydraulic Parts

Harness the power of engineered hydraulic parts designed for exceptional performance and durability. Our selection includes pumps, cylinders, motors, and hoses, each part constructed to elevate the efficiency of your hydraulic systems. Rely on our top-tier products to ensure your machinery’s uninterrupted operation and promote overall productivity.

Hydraulic Repair

Our certified technicians deliver top-rated hydraulic repair services tailored to restore your systems to peak performance. Our expert team can diagnose and fix complex issues, reducing downtime and mitigating the impact on your operations. We do more than just fix problems. We offer long-term solutions that save you time and money down the road.

You can stop looking and start getting the hydraulics service you want. Since the 1950s, our family has been involved in the oilfields and agricultural industries. We use our decades of experience to give you the service you need.

Hydraulic Services and Supply for Major Industries

Whether you’re in oil fields, agriculture, industrial sectors, construction, or commercial operations, Elliott Hydraulics delivers high-quality hydraulic parts and repair services. We recognize that each industry has unique needs and challenges, and we tailor our solutions to meet these specific demands. Our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes us a preferred choice for businesses across various sectors.

Oil Field

In the demanding oil field industry, downtime isn't an option. We offer robust hydraulic parts and prompt repair services to ensure your operations run continuously and efficiently. Our products can withstand the harshest conditions, providing reliable performance that meets the exacting standards of the oil field industry.


For the agricultural sector, we understand that the seasonal nature of work requires hydraulic systems to function seamlessly when needed. Our high-quality parts and repair services help maintain the optimal operation of your machinery, ensuring your farming processes never lag. Depend on us to help you harvest the benefits of well-maintained hydraulic systems.

Industrial Hydraulic Service

The industrial sector relies heavily on hydraulic systems for a wide range of applications. We supply durable parts and provide expert repair services to keep your production lines moving. By minimizing downtime and enhancing efficiency, we support the smooth functioning of your industrial operations.


In the construction industry, machinery breakdowns can lead to costly project delays. We offer top-grade hydraulic parts and quick repair services to keep your heavy machinery and equipment in prime condition. With our assistance, you can focus on building success, knowing your hydraulic systems are in expert hands.

Commercial Hydraulic Service

For commercial enterprises, hydraulic systems often play a pivotal role in daily operations. We provide reliable hydraulic parts and efficient repair services that keep your business running smoothly. Trust in our professional team to support the heart of your commercial operations, ensuring continuous productivity.

Mobile Hydraulic Services Available

Transporting heavy hydraulic machinery for repairs can be a complex and time-consuming task. We offer mobile hydraulic services, bringing our expert repair solutions directly to your site. 

Our on-site hydraulic service allows our technicians to address your hydraulic concerns quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption to your daily operation. Contact us today. We’ll dispatch our technicians quickly to arrive on site and handle your issue right away.

The next time you need hydraulic services in Southern Oklahoma and North-Central Texas, reach out to us.

We Supply and Repair All Hydraulic Parts

Elliott Hydraulics is your one-stop shop for all your hydraulic needs. We take pride in supplying a comprehensive range of high-quality hydraulic parts, each designed to enhance the performance of your hydraulic systems. Additionally, our expert team is equipped to perform meticulous repairs, restoring your machinery to peak efficiency.

Our high-performance hydraulic pumps are essential for converting mechanical power into hydraulic energy. When a pump failure occurs, we are at your service to offer prompt and effective repair solutions. Trust our quality parts and expert service to restore the pulsating power of your hydraulic pumps.

Hydraulic cylinders are vital for generating force and motion in your machinery. We supply sturdy and efficient cylinders, designed for optimal performance. If a malfunction occurs, our skilled team swiftly identifies the issue and performs precise repairs, reinstating your equipment’s full operational capacity.

Hydraulic motors are the heart of many hydraulic systems, converting hydraulic pressure into mechanical output. Our top-quality motors ensure smooth and efficient operations. Should you experience a motor failure, our repair services are designed to restore functionality and maintain productivity promptly.

Logistics can make it hard to get hoses repaired on your equipment. Fortunately, we offer mobile hydraulic hose repair to our customers. A mobile trailer allows us to come to you and perform an on-site hose repair for large jobs. If you need equipment re-hosed we’ll bring our mobile hose trailer to your site. You remove them and we’ll quickly make it for you.

Hydraulic hoses are crucial for fluid transmission within hydraulic systems. We offer hoses of various sizes and specifications, ensuring compatibility with your unique system requirements. In the event of a hose breakdown, our repair team offers swift, on-site solutions to minimize disruption and downtime. We can build hydraulic hose assemblies from ¼” – 2” ID and we have 1,2,4 and 6 wire hoses up to 6,000 PSI.

Industrial hoses are built to withstand demanding conditions in various industries. We supply durable and high-performing industrial hoses suited to your specific applications. Our repair services guarantee prompt resolution of any issues, ensuring continuous, efficient operations.

Hose ends and adapters are pivotal for securing connections within your hydraulic system. We provide a wide array of these parts, each designed to ensure seamless compatibility and enhanced performance. In case of any breakdowns, our expert repair service is on standby to address the issue swiftly, restoring your system’s integrity and functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hydraulic Services and Parts in Oklahoma

We offer a wide array of parts designed for various hydraulic systems. However, compatibility depends on the specific system requirements. We recommend reaching out to our team with your specific needs to ensure compatibility.

Our hydraulic repair services are performed by a team of experienced professionals using state-of-the-art equipment. We prioritize swift and accurate issue diagnosis, precise repair, and customer convenience, offering mobile, on-site services.

We provide our hydraulic services and parts supply in Southern Oklahoma and North-Central Texas

You can schedule a repair service by contacting our team via phone or email. We will coordinate a time and place that suits your convenience, including on-site repairs if necessary.

At Elliott Hydraulics, we stand by the quality of our parts and services. Specific warranties or guarantees depend on the product or service provided. For detailed information, please contact our team.