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Our Hydraulic Inventory Makes Us Your Go-To for Hydraulic Services

When you need hydraulic products, they’re hard to find. Whether you’re waiting for a part for a repair or you just want to restock your inventory, hydraulic products can take weeks to ship out. But here at Elliott Hydraulics, we wanted to change that. We have a huge range of hydraulic products in stock, allowing you to get what you need in no time.
If you want a hydraulic hose or an industrial fitting, you can count on us. We have Japanese, British, and metric fittings. Our section of hoses doesn’t disappoint, nor does our array of adapters. We offer a custom hose assemblies ranging from 3/16” to 2” Additionally, we have 1 & 2 wire, braided hydraulic hoses that measure up to 2” ID.
In addition to selling hoses, fittings, and crimpers, we also have hydraulic cylinders, pumps, and motors. If you come to us for a repair, we’ll assess the damage and replace your parts if necessary. There’s no third-party to go through. With everything done in our shop, your repair becomes as simple as ever.

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Currently, we have hundreds of hose ends and adapters. We also sell OEM kits made custom for equipment manufacturers. In our years in the industry, we’ve learned to cater to individuals as well as businesses of all sizes.

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Why You Should Use Our Products

Elliott Hydraulics doesn’t settle for low quality parts. Instead, we want you to have the best parts when you need them. Our custom parts are all carefully crafted, and our premade parts meet our high standards.
There’s another thing that makes us stand out. When you don’t need to wait for your parts to arrive through the mail, you save yourself time and money. Because we have so many parts in stock, we eliminate the wait and the frustration. We understand that repairs can’t be put on hold, so we do our best to have what you need.
When you come to us with your repair, you deal with our trained team of professionals. They’re always ready to answer your questions and give you advice. With Elliott Hydraulics, you can expect excellent customer service. It doesn’t matter if you order a hydraulic hose or a large order.



Our Vast Inventory

We have the largest selection between Dallas and Oklahoma City. Here's a closer look at what we offer:

Custom-made hydraulic hose assemblies, ¼-2” 1,2,4 & 6 Wire up to 6,000 PSI. We carry hose ends for all equipment manufacturers. We have Cat, Deere, Metric, British, Komatsu, Japanese Industrial hose ends.
Non Conductive hose assemblies for Bucket Trucks and aerial equipment. Hydraulic Adapters: Many different thread configurations including British Pipe, Metric, Japanese Industrial. If there’s a hydraulic part you need, there’s a good chance we carry it. You can call us to find out more about our inventory, or check out this list:
pipes in different boxes
Custom Hydraulic Hose Assemblies:

Custom hydraulic hose assemblies from 3/16” to 2” ID.
1 & 2 – wire, braided hydraulic hose through 2” ID.
4 & 6 – wire, spiral hydraulic hose through 2” ID up to 5,000 PSI
Stainless Teflon braided hose from ¼” through 1” ID.

Industrial equipment and spare parts in different trays
Hose Ends and Adapters:

Hundreds of hose ends and hydraulic adapters, including hard to find Metric and British Pipe fittings.
Expanding our fitting lines.

industrial spare parts in rack
Industrial Hoses:

Many types of industrial hose up to 8” ID.
Band hose ends of any size or custom crimp up to 6” ID hoses.
Expanding our industrial hose offerings to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Industrial equipment and spare parts
Industrial Hose Ends:

Full line of Cam & Groove fittings.
Ever expanding line of crimp ends for industrial hoses up to 6” ID

Flat Face quick couplers for Skid Steers and Excavators Screw Together Flat Face couplers for high flow applications and for Hydraulic Hammers
Hydraulic Quick Couplers:

Largest selection in Southern Oklahoma
Flat Face quick couplers for Skid Steers and Excavators
Screw Together Flat Face couplers for high flow applications and for Hydraulic Hammers; Poppet Style couplers for Agriculture, Trucks, Wing Type couplers for Trucks (3/4” – 1 ½”) and Wing Type 5,000PSI Couplers (3/4” – 2”)

OEM Kits, hydraulic hose and fitting kits for equipments
OEM Kits:

Custom build hydraulic hose and fitting kits for equipment manufacturers

safety instructions for working area
Cylinder, Motor and Pump Repair:

We can repair many types of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors. We also sell new cylinders, pumps and motors if yours can’t be repaired.

boxes of industrial parts
Truck -  Air Brake Hoses and fittings

DOT Brass Push-to-Connect Airbrake fittings
DOT Brass Compression fittings
Stainless Teflon hoses for high heat and compressor applications

Fire Hoses: 

Premade 1 ½” & 2 ½” Fire Hose assemblies
Brass Fire Hose adapters
Brass & Plastic Fire Hose Nozzles

industrial spare parts in rack
Industrial Hoses & Fittings:

Water S & D (2” – 6”)
Petroleum S & D (3/4” – 6”)
Chemical Hose (1” – 4”)
Layflat Discharge (2” – 6”)
Camlocks (Aluminum, Brass, Poly; SS Locking Handles)
Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel crimp-on fittings (1” – 6”)
Bauer Fittings, Hammer Unions, KC Nipples, Ball Valves, and Butterfly Valves

Work with Us

Due to our years in the industry, Elliott Hydraulics has the experience with hydraulic parts that you want and need. Our family has been in the industry for decades, and we’ve used our time wisely. We know what our clients want and need, and have built our inventory with that in mind.
Our number one priority is your satisfaction. To accomplish that goal, we hire people who treat you well.our employees take the time to know what you want and to listen to your concerns. As a family-owned business, we aim to treat our customers like family.
We also don’t cut any corners. This is true of both our parts and our service. If you come to us for a hydraulic hose or for hydraulic services, you can expect us to surpass your needs.
If you want to learn more about our products or order a part, give us a call today.