A dumpster provides ample space that adds square footage to your property. For this reason, some property owners see a dumpster as an opportunity to expand their living or working space. While it may seem like an unorthodox (and even nasty) solution for a workable space, keep in mind that dumpsters arrive perfectly clean and sanitized on your site. Elliott Hydraulics provides Roll off dumpster rental services in Oklahoma and will be discussing some best Ways to Utilize a dumpster. The clean, enclosed, and secure space allows you to use a dumpster for more than just tossing garbage. Some people have found creative uses for commercial dumpsters. Below, we look at a few ideas. If you have further questions about commercial dumpster rental, contact Elliott Hydraulics.

1. Greenhouse

If you are familiar with controlled environment agriculture (CEI), you know it takes a lot to grow plants indoors. Although standard greenhouses often consist of highly-durable plastic with wood or metal framing, they do not always withstand the rigors of weather. In addition, some plants require little sunlight. They thrive better when protected from the sun.  A dumpster is a great alternative to a traditional greenhouse. It provides an enclosed space with metal walls that protect against sunlight, extreme temperatures, and severe weather. You can use a dumpster for indoor hydroponic farming. Rent the right-sized dumpster depending on your total garden square footage.

2. A Private Office

You may have limited space in your business or work that does not allow you to have a private office. If so, a new, clean dumpster may provide the private office space needed to get the work done. A dumpster offers a clean, smooth palette where you can design and decorate your office from the ground up. For instance, add wood floor and wall panels to make the commercial dumpster feel more comfortable. Dumpsters are highly secure. So, you can store sensitive information or expensive equipment inside the dumpster and lock it up without worrying about a break-in. Since dumpsters come in multiple sizes, you can create space for more than one person. Best of all, if you decide to move your office indoors and want to discard the office, it’s already in a dumpster. You don’t have to throw anything away separately. 

3. Underground Bunker

What is the best way to prepare for a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, or severe storm? The answer is to go underground. However, simply digging a hole may not be a safe option. You need reinforcement and protection from all elements above and below ground. The solution is to lower a dumpster into the ground.  A heavy steel dumpster protects from severe weather or other disasters. Dig your hole and provide plenty of space for the dumpster. Lower the dumpster in the ground and insulate it. Make sure you have a solid entrance to and from the dumpster. You can even cover the dumpster with the ground so it’s not visible. It makes the perfect underground bunker.

4. Warehouse or Storage Unit

Whether you have a business with a large inventory or a home with several personal items, you may need somewhere to store your stuff. A large dumpster is ideal for storage because it protects your items from the weather, fires, disasters, and theft. The dumpster’s shape and dimensions allow you to organize items with plenty of space to spread things out.  A steel warehouse on the property gives you more room to do business inside. If you own a home and have a lot of stuff, you can store it on your property instead of renting a storage unit off-site. When secured properly, dumpsters are almost impossible to break into. You can feel at ease knowing your belongings or inventory are safe from thieves.

5. A Recycle Bin

Separating recycled garbage from waste can be time-consuming. If your business uses many recyclable materials, you may want to consider getting a dumpster rental dedicated to recyclable materials.  Depending on what you are tossing, you may be able to avoid paying landfill tipping fees. You can pull recyclables out and toss them in a dumpster.  For example, if you have junk furniture that needs to be removed, you can separate items that can be donated or sold. The large handling capacity of a dumpster offers advantages in handling junk and trash. Call a local dumpster rental service to discuss the dumpster size suitable for your project. 

6. Community Cleanup

Community cleanups are becoming more popular in Ardmore and throughout Oklahoma. Neighbors band together to designate a cleanup day and throw away unwanted items. A designated day makes it easier for garbage pickup companies to gather items on the same day instead of sporadically throughout the year. It saves time and money and helps the environment.  However, throwing all your garbage at the curb is not always doable, depending on where you live. A better idea may be to place a large dumpster at the neighborhood’s edge and allow people to dump items in it until a deadline. Once you reach the deadline, the dumpster company picks the dumpster up and takes it to the landfill or recycle center.

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