Chances are, if you own a business that uses disposable materials, you probably have a large amount of waste you need to properly remove. If so, your best option is a dumpster rental. There are several ways that dumpster rental can make cleanup easy. Let’s look below at the six advantages of dumpster rental.

1. You Can Get the Right Dumpster Size for Your Waste Needs

Standard roll-off dumpsters come in a variety of sizes including 25, 30, 35, and 40 yards. To save money and get the most out of your dumpster, you need to determine how much waste you’ll produce on the job site and order the right dumpster size accordingly. 

You can use three factors to determine the appropriate dumpster size:

  1. Type of waste
  2. Total waste volume
  3. Delivery location

Larger items naturally require larger dumpsters. However, if you have a low volume of large items, you may only need a medium to smaller bin. Sometimes the delivery location also dictates the size of the dumpster. A small parking lot or alley may only accommodate a small dumpster regardless of your waste.

To learn more about ordering the right dumpster, read our recent article, “Dumpster size: How Much Do You Need?”

2. Dumpsters Are Portable

Portable dumpsters or roll-off dumpsters are designed to be transported to your worksite. Though similar in appearance, design, and size to any other type of dumpster, a portable dumpster is ideal for short-term projects. These short-term use periods make the dumpsters ideal for one-off jobs or undertakings—such as demolitions, renovations, and building cleanouts.

They’re also popular with contractors for residential or commercial construction jobs such as new builds, roofing installation, and flooring jobs. You can transport the dumpster on-site and replace it as needed. You can also relocate the dumpster anywhere on the site, making it highly convenient. Remove the dumpster from the site when the project is complete.

3. You Can Designate a Space for Your Waste

Waste material and chemicals are hazardous. Some of them are deadly or can cause injury. For this reason, OSHA has strict safety guidelines for handling and storing waste materials. You should designate a safe space to store your waste and debris. 

The type of industry you are in will determine the way you store waste. If you have non-toxic materials, you can store them in a roll-off or compact dumpster. There are also many other creative ways you can utilize a commercial dumpster. A dumpster gives you a designated space to put all debris so that it is not scattered across the worksite. A designated dumpster makes it easier to keep the worksite clean so that you don’t have to spend time or labor cleaning it up later.

4. A Dumpster Can Handle a Large Amount of Waste

Many people view garbage piles as unhealthy, unattractive, and unprofessional. It can leave a bad mark on your business and may even cost you some clients down the road. Instead of allowing your garbage to pile up, you can rent a dumpster and contain the garbage, which shows people that you care about their safety and the environment. It can do wonders to boost your brand. 

Larger dumpsters handle huge piles of waste. For example, a 40-yard dumpster has the following dimensions:

  • 22 feet long
  • 7.5 feet wide
  • 8 feet high

It can hold up to 40 cubic yards of debris, which is about 230-250 33-gallon trash bags. A large dumpster cuts down on clean up time and reduces the number of pick-ups you need over a given period. 

5. You Can Designate Dumpsters for Different Types of Waste

One of the best ways to help the environment is to separate different types of waste, depending on the materials you dispose of. For instance, you may have recyclable, non-recyclable, and hazardous waste. The EPA has six waste classifications:

  • special waste
  • liquid waste
  • hazardous waste
  • restricted solid waste
  • general solid waste (putrescible)
  • general solid waste (non-putrescible)

For this reason, you should consider separating your waste into these or other classifications. Portable roll-off dumpsters allow you to separate the waste for easy classification, removal, and delivery. You don’t have to dig through the garbage to separate the waste later. 

6. Compacting Dumpsters Allow You to Store More Waste

A compacting dumpster wet and dry waste to be compacted and stored while awaiting disposal. Trash compactors fit more trash than dumpsters because the trash is compressed each time trash is dumped into it. A trash compactor doesn’t fill up as quickly as a dumpster and therefore doesn’t need as many pickups.

A trash compactor relies on a metal ram to crush all of the waste that you put into it down into smaller, tightly compacted pieces. When you use a regular dumpster to do away with waste, there is typically a lot of unused space within the dumpster, even when it appears to be completely filled.

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