Whether remodeling a single room or an entire home interior, you need an area to store your furniture, discord, and project supplies. You may also need somewhere to put your waste. The best solution is a portable dumpster rental. Below, we look at some advantages of renting a dumpster when renovating your home.

Renting A Dumpster Offers Green Solutions

Some of the construction waste from your home’s renovation may be non-recyclable because of the extensive breakages. More so, most of the waste construction materials have outlived their usefulness. Some items may emit dangerous gasses if you don’t dump construction waste properly. If, for instance, you heap the waste in one corner of your home as you wait for garbage pickup, rodents such as mice and rats may also hide there.   However, when you rent extra dumpster rentals, trash removal services will pick up the waste as soon as the dumpster is full. Being experts in waste removal, your garbage collection company will deal with construction debris by following waste management strategies. These strategies follow a waste hierarchy called the “3 Rs” – reduce, reuse, and recycle.

It Keeps Your Workspace Safe

It is dangerous to have construction debris heaped in one place in your home for a long time. It is when you don’t have enough dumpsters for the renovation crew to dump the waste safely. You may still be living in your house as the renovations continue. Your child may play around with the heaped waste and sustain cuts and other injuries.  Most construction waste comprises broken pieces, such as glasses and ceramics, which can cause grave harm to an unsuspecting person. However, renting an extra dumpster will provide enough space for waste disposal. The renovation crew will have a smooth and easy time planning their work without dealing with heaped construction waste. It will also prevent construction accidents as the renovation works continue.

Allows You to Transition Smoothly

Once your home’s renovation works are complete and you are ready to move in, you don’t want to deal with heaped construction waste. By renting a dumpster, you will enable the renovation crew to eliminate construction waste while still working on your house. However, relying on your normal garbage pickup may be too late for the crew to dispose of the construction debris.  You would then have to deal with the waste on your own. It will be another extra duty on your to-do list before reoccupying your house. Therefore, you should consider renting a dumpster when renovating your home.

Renting A Dumpster Keeps Your Home Clean and Organized

Think about all the construction waste that will come out of your home renovations. You will have paint cans, metallic waste, broken pieces of bricks, ceramics and tiles, and a whole lot of other construction debris. Your regular dumpster will not hold even the bare minimum of the waste produced. For this reason, you cannot sit pretty and rely on your normal garbage pickup.  Luckily, residential waste removal companies can provide you with dumpster rentals for your extra waste. The good thing is that garbage pickup companies have rental dumpsters of all sizes. For your home renovation construction waste, you may not need commercial garbage pickup in Grand Rapids, but residential waste pickup would fit the bill.    Some of the construction waste, such as leftover paints and varnishes, may emit volatile compounds that are dangerous to your health. Therefore, they cannot be left lying around your home waiting for the next garbage pickup.

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