Something that nearly every business owner has in common is a tendency to underestimate just how much waste they dispose of. Often, our clients will order a dumpster and either trade it in for a bigger one or call us to dump it so they can fill it up again.  So, if you are wondering what size dumpster you need, your best option is to consult Elliott Hydraulics. We can help you determine the best dumpster enclosure dimensions based on the items you dispose of. The right dumpster enclosure dimensions can help you save time and money and make your job much easier. 

Factors That Determine the Dumpster Enclosure Dimensions You Need

Typical dumpster enclosure dimensions are eight 8’ width x 21’ length. Both length and height can vary significantly. However, there are other external factors you need to consider in addition to dumpster enclosure dimensions.

1. Garbage or Delivery Truck Size and Maneuverability

It takes a large truck to deliver, remove, or empty a dumpster. Garbage trucks or delivery trucks need space to turn, enter, and exit your property with or without the dumpster. On average, a truck needs the following maneuver area:  
Approach Length: 60 feet
Lifting height 20 feet
Turn radius 35 feet
  You need to choose a dumpster size that gives the truck enough room to maneuver. You also need to place the dumpster in an area that makes it easy for the driver to empty or deliver it. 

2. Dumpster Enclosure or Pad

If you’re planning to keep the dumpster on the property long-term, you may want to protect it with an enclosure or elevate it off the ground with a pad. If so, your setup may dictate the dumpster enclosure dimension. Here are some tips for using an enclosure or pad.
  • Make sure the enclosure opening or entrance is easily accessible.
  • Make sure there is plenty of space between the enclosure and the dumpster.
  • Include the doors opening and closing in your total outer area space.
  • Ensure the doors open wide enough for easy dumpster removal or delivery.
  • The dumpster pad dimensions should not hinder dumpster removal or delivery.
Remember:  A dumpster pad is not required. However, it can help prevent wear on your parking lot from the weight of the container. Over time, one crack can spread to the rest of your lot, especially in areas with fluctuating climates. A concrete dumpster pad can help prevent the need for costly repairs down the road and eliminate safety risks for customers and employees.

3. Local City Codes for Dumpsters

Whether you are getting a roll-off dumpster rental here in Ardmore, OK, or another Southern Oklahoma city, you need to know city ordinances that govern dumpster or trash enclosure dimensions. Ordinances may address common dumpster issues such as.
  • Location
  • Recycling
  • Visibility
  • Loading and unloading
  • Dumpster type
  • Landscape buffers
  • Proximity to other objects
  It is important to consider your local city regulations when choosing a dumpster. Elliott Hydraulics has been in the business of renting dumpsters for several years. We know the city regulations and can help you adhere to local dumpster guidelines in your city.

4. Total Waste Amount

When it comes to waste, there is no hard rule for calculating how much space you need to store and empty your waste. Even businesses in the same industry have different amounts of waste based on products and services, material consumption, customer base, location, and business model. So, your first dumpster rental may be a trial and error.  For instance, you may rent a dumpster for three months and realize that your waste amount exceeds your dumpster enclosure dimensions over a given period. If the garbage comes once a week, your wage may overflow before garbage day.  The good news is that it is easy to replace a dumpster. You simply contact our office, let us know you want a larger or smaller dumpster, and we’ll replace it. 

Reserve a Roll Off Dumpster in South Oklahoma

Check out our inventory of dumpsters and related equipment. We offer affordable dumpster rentals in Southern Oklahoma. To learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call at 580-221-7589. We can help you choose the right dumpster enclosure dimensions for your business.