When it comes to hydraulic hoses, you have a long list of options. A lot of companies try to buy generic hoses in bulk, replacing them as needed. However, this method isn’t always the most cost-effective way to run your business. Hydraulic hoses in Southern Oklahoma aren’t meant to be one-hose-fits-all. For better results, you should consider using a custom hydraulic hose. Learn more about the advantages of custom hoses and find out why you should make the switch.

The Benefits of Custom Hoses

If you’re wondering why you should spend more money up front on custom hoses, there are a few things you should know. With custom hoses, you can benefit in many ways. All of the following are reasons you should use custom hoses instead of generic ones:

Better Performance

Your assembly won’t necessarily work well with generic hoses. While generic hoses might fit, they won’t often have the perfect fit. You can use a custom hose to make sure the assembly fits like a glove. When you have a great fit, you have improved performance. You get more from your machines, and this comes with more productivity and more profit.

If you only use generic hoses, you could be hurting your business. In the end, custom hoses allow you to run your business better. Switching to custom hoses is one way to maximize your profits. 

More Safety in the Workplace

If your hydraulic hoses develop leaks, your employees are in danger. And you probably don’t want to see anyone on your team experience a workplace injury. The tight fit of a custom hose makes leaks much less likely to happen. As a result, you have a safer work environment for everyone. 

Faster Replacement 

If you don’t have a custom hydraulic hose, replacing a broken hose takes time. You might need to make several adjustments just to get the appropriate fit. In order to replace a hose, you might need to shut down operations for hours or days at a time. 

With custom hoses, you can plug and play. The hose was made for your equipment. Therefore, you don’t need to make any alterations or adjustments. Changing out hoses is fast and easy, and this minimizes downtime.

More Reliability 

If you need to make multiple adjustments to your hoses, you can’t necessarily depend on them to last. You never know when your hose will fail you and leave you waiting for a repair. However, custom hydraulic hoses are more reliable. They’re less likely to fail you, and this gives you peace of mind and increases your productivity. 

Longer Lifespan

Custom hoses are made to fit the precise measurements of your machines. So, they don’t get tangled and twisted like generic hoses. Less movement means a longer lifespan, and your bank account will thank you for your efforts. 

What Are Custom Hoses?

Now that you know the benefits of custom hoses, you might want to know a little about them. A custom hose is one made with quality materials to meet highly specific needs. When a technician makes the hose, they ensure it will be a perfect fit for the assembly. They crimp fittings on the ends of hoses in a way that doesn’t compromise the structure. Because of this, there are no weak spots. 

Typically, custom hoses go through rigorous testing. You can be sure your hose is made to order and works exactly the way in which you need it to work. If you need multiple hoses, you can order them in whatever quantities you need.

Before a company can make your custom hoses, you need to provide the right details. This means you provide the temperature ranges, the types of gas or fluid used, the specifications of the machine, and the variances of pressure. With all these details, the company is able to pick the hydraulic hoses and fittings that work best for your scenario.

Why Does It Matter?

All of the little details truly make a difference. When it comes to hydraulic equipment, there are so many different applications and machines. It’s impossible for one hose and fitting to be ideal for every application. 

Consider the issue of pressure ratings. Your hose needs to operate at regular pressure, which varies based on the situation. But there could be more than one pressure. As your equipment runs, the pressure could increase or decrease. When variables like the temperature change, the pressure also changes. 

There are also environmental factors to consider. If a regular hose has regular exposure to UV rays, it might not last. You need a hose designed to handle harsh rays from the sun. Similarly, hoses in areas with acids and abrasive materials are under extreme stress. If you don’t have the right setup, your hydraulic hoses won’t last. The material that travels through your hose also matters, as do the flow requirements. In some cases, you need a highly flexible hose. For other applications, rigidity is more important. 

When you pick a hydraulic hose, you need the right balance of safety and performance. It’s not about picking the best hose; it’s about picking the best hose for your job. And the only way to do that is to order a custom hydraulic hose. 

How to Get a Custom Hydraulic Hose

If you want a custom hydraulic hose in Southern Oklahoma, it’s time to place your order. Here at Elliott’s Hydraulics, we know the importance of using custom hoses. We take the time to make sure your order is just what you need. Before we make your hose, we collect all the necessary details. Only then do we begin to make your hose.

To learn more about our process, call us today. You could get your hydraulic hose soon and experience all the benefits of using a custom hose.