No matter how well you take care of your hydraulic equipment, it won’t last forever. You could have the highest quality hydraulic valve, and it could fail you. And when that happens, do you need a repair or replacement? To prepare yourself for that question, learn about your options and call for a hydraulic repair service.

Why Do Hydraulic Valves Fail?

One of the most crucial components of your hydraulic equipment is the valves. Unfortunately, this is what makes the valves so likely to fail. The wear and tear you put on your valves make it likely that they won’t last. Even high-quality valves aren’t able to withstand the months of heavy use. It might take a while, but they eventually will experience some type of damage. Sadly, the most minor damage could be enough to affect your equipment. When a hydraulic valve has enough damage, your equipment can’t operate. All it takes is one broken valve to disrupt your operations completely.

Repair Versus Replacement

When your valve does fail you, there’s a crossroads in front of you. You could either repair the valve or replace it. As you might expect, a repair is usually the cheaper option of the two. A new valve comes at a cost, and you also need to pay for the installation of the valve. That said, you can only repair a faulty valve so many times. If an extensive repair is necessary, it could be more affordable to replace the valve. Doing so may also save you on future repairs.

When is Repair the Right Choice?

Without seeing the valve, it’s impossible to say whether or not a repair is right for you. However, there are a few signs you might be better off with a repair. First, you should consider your time constraints. A repair is much quicker than a replacement. Just know that if the valve is too far gone, you may end up needing another repair in the near future. Don’t let time be the only factor you consider when making the decision. Secondly, think about the cause of the valve failure. Is it minor or something more significant? In the event of a small problem, a repair could do the trick. It’s essential to assess the damage and think about how a repair could resolve the trouble. Because the untrained eye can’t tell the cause of the damage, only a professional can make this decision.

When is Replacement the Better Choice?

In some cases, a complete valve replacement is the best option. The replacement costs more up-front but could save you on future repairs and breakdowns. Typically, a replacement is the right choice in the following situations:

Valve Has Bad Damage

Does your hydraulic valve have years of wear and tear? The damage could be too much to repair. Unless you want to be on the phone with a repair company every few months, you need to replace the valve.

Multiple Parts Have Damage

A hydraulic valve consists of multiple parts. If more than one part has damage, you should consider replacing it. The time and money it takes to repair each individual part might not be worth it.

It’s Cheaper

Certain parts of a hydraulic valve are incredibly expensive to repair. In fact, the component could cost more than the cost of a replacement valve. Your technician can warn you when a replacement would be cheaper than a repair.

Your Valve is Old

Everything else aside, consider the age and history of your hydraulic valves. When was the last time you needed to repair it? Have repairs become a regular occurrence? If you have a particularly old valve that seems to need frequent repairs, it’s time to stop putting off the inevitable.

How Does a Technician Decide?

Your best bet is to search for hydraulic hose repair near me. Once you find a reputable company, you can trust them to do all the work. They have received the training necessary to evaluate all the options and pick the one that’s best for you. Before making any decisions, a technician will disassemble your valve. To check for potential issues, they need first to clean the valve. Then, the technician can see if the valve needs something as simple as a soft seal replacement or a more complex repair. The inspection could reveal another issue that can cause your valve to fail at any time. In hiring the right hydraulic repair service, you might be able to prevent a much more serious breakdown.

Assessing the Costs

It comes down to dollars and cents. While deciding whether you need a repair or replacement, the technician will estimate the cost of the repair. Then, they’ll compare it to the cost of a replacement. Before you decide the route you want to take, think about the estimates. The cost could be the deciding factor for you.

Making the Right Call

Whether you choose a repair or replacement, you should know that the stakes are high. If you make the wrong decision, you could end up spending more money than you need or want. Furthermore, you could lose precious time. Deciding whether or not you want a repair or replacement isn’t something to take lightly. With so much at stake, you need to make the right call. And fortunately, that’s not on your shoulders. You can trust your technician to give you the answer. It all starts with calling a reputable hydraulics repair company. When looking for a technician, seek out a company that will put you first. They should have a stellar reputation and a history of customer satisfaction.

Count on Our Hydraulic Repair Service

Here at Elliott Rental and Equipment, you can trust us to look at your valve and make the right decision. We know how important it is to get your valve repaired, and we don’t cut corners. Rather than focusing on money, we think about your needs. If you’re ready to learn more about our hydraulic repair service, give us a call. We’re ready to help.